Short on time? How to be a time management ninja

Short on time? How to be a time management ninja

Motivation and efficiency are key for many jobs, especially marketing. A marketer’s role is critical to achieving business objectives, and the only way to hit KPIs is to stay on top of the day to day marketing operations and think ahead in terms of big picture marketing strategies.

Don’t get bogged down with the day-to-day marketing operations

Take the small steps, to lead to big success:

  • Use a to-do list to note all your tasks. Whether they are small steps in a large project or a small to-do, write them all down and check them all off as you go. There is no better feeling then a check off your list! Here are some handy to-do list apps:
  • Use a diary for recurring and timely tasks. Do you have a monthly blog? Skip ahead in your diary and write this task in for the first Monday of every month.  Try using your Outlook or desktop calendar or check out these handy diaries and calendars:
  • Carve out time for the bigger tasks. Park your emails and stick with a project for a few hours, you are more likely to finish it than if you are jumping in and out of multiple tasks. Are your emails slowing you down? Try these inbox management apps:


Don’t lose sight of big picture marketing strategies

Future planning is vital to the success of marketing.

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