Customer service: The greatest marketing tool of all this Christmas

Customer service: The greatest marketing tool of all this Christmas

It’s easy to get swept up in the Christmas rush and everything that consumes our end of year calendar, but to truly survive and thrive in the Christmas craziness, brands must continue to deliver exceptional customer service.

The Christmas period is a marketing exercise that can build a loyal customer base. So just by looking after your customers this Christmas you will ensure they continue to return to your business well into the New Year.


How to spoil your customers for Christmas without breaking the bank

Spoiling your customers doesn’t necessarily mean giving out freebies or having crazy sales. Treat your customers the old-fashioned way: with great customer service which will make them want to come back to you year after year.

It’s the little things like; free gift wrapping and free parking, exceptional product knowledge and extended trading hours, all of which go a long way at this expensive time of the year.


Christmas customer service for the digital world

Similar to bricks and mortar stores, online stores don’t have to spoil your customers by going on a never-ending sale.

Communicate with your customers delivery cut off times to ensure they receive their orders before Christmas and offer bonuses like free gift wrap and/or free delivery.

Letting your customer know as much information as possible prior to the busiest time of the year is all a part of great customer service.

Follow your customers up via email and make them feel like they aren’t going unnoticed.


Final thought

Try not to get all caught up in the Christmas madness! Be organised, clear and communicate as much as possible to ensure this period remains the most wonderful time of the year: for you and your business!


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