5 simple email tactics to increase sales.

5 simple email tactics to increase sales.

Emails help foster a lasting relationship, keep your brand front of mind and help you drive sales. It’s not just any email though, like all marketing tools, it should be integrated with all of your social platforms to complement and strengthen your overall marketing strategy.

What kinds of emails bring in the most sales? Well, you’ve got to remember you can’t sell 24/7 or your customers will quickly grow tired of you. So, the best way to increase sales through email marketing is to deliver value by staying in touch.

As a small business owner, the goal for your emails should be to keep your business front of mind and nurture customer relationships in 5 simple ways:


  1. Newsletter

  • Almost anything goes for newsletter content. Whether there’s a feature about your upcoming event, team spotlight, industry news or product tips, testimonials, blogs and infographics, your options are endless!
  1. Promotional

  • Entice your customers with a great deal. Remember, it doesn’t have to be 50% off, it could be free shipping or a complimentary consultation.
  1. Welcome

  • Think of this kind of email as a virtual handshake. Introduce your new subscriber to your company. It can be a quick welcome email with a promotion, or you can try a newsletter style introduction.
  1. New or Repeat Product Purchase

  • Spread the word about the latest service or products in-store. Be sure to include a link so it can be booked or purchased instantly.
  • Remind your customers to rebook your service or reorder your products with a timely email.
  1. ‘We Miss You’

  • Saying something as ‘simple’ as “We Miss You” with a discount or special offer may encourage the customer you haven’t seen online for a while to come back again.


The transparency of delivery, open rates and click-throughs makes email marketing a rewarding strategy.


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