How to write Facebook ads that really work

How to write Facebook ads that really work



Advertising on Facebook helps businesses connect with new audiences as well as stay in touch with current customers. It’s no surprise that I love Facebook advertising. According to Facebook, most online advertising only reaches 38% of its intended audience but Facebook’s average is 89%. With those stats it’s hard to argue the reasons for not doing Facebook advertising.


Writing killer ads that really work

Unless you have an agency doing your work, Facebook ads are tough. What you might perceive to be a good ad, your audience might scroll past. Check out our top tips to writing a good Facebook ad.


Don’t be smart, be succinct

With a deluge of noise bombarding users on Facebook at the moment, people don’t want to be inundated by ‘clever’ marketing ploys. They want a message they can understand and take action if they want to.


Be a problem solver

People want to know how you can solve their problem. If your ad connects with people that don’t have problems you can solve – you want them to scroll right on by. By stating the problem clearly, you speak specifically to your target market.


Mix it up

Generally there are three tactics to writing good Facebook ads. If you’re just starting out, write a combination of these types of ads and see what connects best with your audience.



Short, sharp and to the point. This is the most succinct and clear. It tells the user exactly what to do with a strong call to action. These ads are successful when targeting users who will recognise the brand being advertised.



Asking questions allows the problem and a possible solution to appear all in one handy sentence. What’s more, anyone that answers “no” to your question will not click on your ad, filtering the relevant users easily.


“Sick of endless paper work?”

“ Tired? Stressed? Overweight?”

“Looking for a holiday with passion?”



Coupons and offers encourage people to like your page. Be clear about what the user is getting as a benefit. And always deliver on what you promise to avoid negative reactions – especially on social media.


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