We wish you a merry marketing campaign

We wish you a merry marketing campaign

Wondering how to keep your content fresh each holiday season?

Check out our top tips on super charging your digital marketing campaigns this Christmas.

Keep It Simple (Seriously)

What is the key message you want to push in your seasonal marketing?

Your key message should be short and to the point. Long winded messages with multiple messages and call to actions simply add to the noise and confuse your customer.

Let’s get integrated

A combination of communication channels work much better than using one channel in isolation.

Multiple communication channels push your message at a higher frequency, across multiple touch points.

Think how you can K.I.S.S, and add your Christmas message to your email signatures, Facebook cover image and your website home page.

Seasonal Social

‘Tis the season to stay connected. Social media usage drastically increases over the holiday period. So leverage the captive audience, by engaging your customer and with a message worth taking notice of!

We wish you a high CTR and a Happy New Year!

Emails flood inboxes during the busiest retail season of the year. However, not all emails need to be about a sale. Simply having your brand name in that inbox will create brand awareness with your target audience.

If branding is not enough, utilise email A/B testing to get the most impact out of your email subject lines, to ensure a higher open rate.

Happy Holiday Hashtags

Hashtags are used for a large variety of reasons; creating an online community, campaign, or for a branded competition. Drive reach during the holiday season by using seasonal hashtags. These will vary from year to year but will ensure you’re joining the most up to date social conversations.



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