The Facebook change to connect users with your business

The Facebook change to connect users with your business

Like all businesses, Facebook adapts to market needs by listening to their customers and finding solutions to their problems.

The challenge facing Facebook business users

You may have noticed it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have your business Page appear in the newsfeed. Space is limited and competition is fierce.

Facebook has noticed too, as overall feed-reach declines.

The Facebook solution

It’s time to redefine the business Page and make it a destination for users.  This all starts with a new design for business Pages.

What’s new on my business Page?

Page updates: Calls to action are more prominent. Now it’s easier to interact with your business. For example, book an appointment or make a reservation. Facebook is also extending its job application tool globally for business Pages around the world to use for recruitment efforts.

Recommendations: Now feature heavily on a page. So, make sure you encourage customers to continue recommending you on Facebook.

Local Businesses: One controversial change is your business Page will now show local businesses that can be similar to you, which could pose the risk of promoting your competition. This is a similar feature on Instagram.

What this means for you

With any change there are always pros and cons.

Facebook is making Pages more valuable for users, which is always good for business.

To get the most out of these changes, we recommend ensuring your settings and preferences are up to date and relevant to you. With the new focus on recommendations, make sure you are responding to reviews and comments. Also review the call to action button on your Page. If you are a service-based business the call to action for reservations may not be relevant.


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