Small business marketing strategy? Here’s what to do next.

Small business marketing strategy? Here’s what to do next.

So you read our blog “No Marketing Strategy? It’s costing you money” back in October and you’ve decided to get the ball rolling with a small business marketing strategy. So, what next?

Clarify some important thinking:

Sales vs. Marketing
Marketing focuses on branding, positioning, and pricing. Sales is building relationships and converting leads into purchases and orders. Do you need a marketing strategy or a sales strategy?

What are you really selling?
You have to understand what message you are putting out there in the marketplace. How are you being perceived in the marketplace?

Do you understand your brand?
Your brand is the personification of your company. Is your brand connecting with your audience and creating an experience? If not, before you launch a strategy you need to revisit your brand.

Do you aim to please?
It’s always about satisfying your customer. What are you doing (or will you do) to make sure your customers are happy?

And remember:
Your small business marketing strategy does not have to be complicated. Sometimes the biggest brands in the world have a 2 page marketing plan.

Your strategy checklist:

  • Vision and mission for your business
  • Objectives
  • Your ideal client
  • Articulate what makes you different
  • A road map for achieving your goals
  • Prioritise what is important
  • Create an action plan for what you need to do and when
  • Monitor your progress and amend

Want to get started on your small business marketing strategy? Let’s talk.

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