PPC vs. SEO: The digital showdown

PPC vs. SEO: The digital showdown

PPC and SEO are terms often bandied about in marketing. But for brands just trying to be heard, these “common” marketing terms can leave some still trying to understand the fundamentals.

While we know some savvy search marketers may know allllll about the Google algorithm and have a complete plan of attack to snatch up the prime real estate in paid and organic search results, some are still left wondering; what exactly is SEM and SEO and what’s the difference?


PPC… as easy as ABC?


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a method of digital advertising, where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked from either search results or served to a user based on targeting options.

It is a way of pushing visitors to your site from external sites. This type of marketing helps increase your site’s visibility in a shorter amount of time.


Google Ad Result

Facebook Ad


SEO… The organically modified?


SEO or search engine optimisation, use a range of technical strategies to effect webpage rankings. SEO focuses on the “free” or organic searches on search engines.

Optimising your site assists it to appear higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), which can be seen by more users searching for your content. The higher your page is, increases the chances of more site visits.

SEO doesn’t cost once you click the ad, however, it is a long-term investment which takes time and budget.




The Differences


  • Pay when a user clicks your listing
  • Instant impact/results
  • Can manager via a self-serve platform, experts get better results
  • Easy to report
  • Short term
  • Can drill down into targeted audiences


  • Do not pay when a user clicks your listing
  • Gradual impact/results
  • Can do basic SEO, however, will need a specialist for long-term results
  • Easy to report
  • Long-term
  • A more mass approach, targeting is only available via keyword


Final thought


Using PPC and SEO together will help drive traffic towards your site. PPC can bring in the audience in the short-term, as the SEO strategy begins to work and take effect.

It is beneficial to use both in your marketing strategy. To add credibility and gain full exposure in a prime digital real estate.



See you next week,
The K.I.S.S Team.


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