Nailing your small business content marketing. P.2.

Nailing your small business content marketing. P.2.

Welcome to the second part of our two part series on nailing your small business content marketing. Last week we uncovered some simple but often forgotten steps content marketers need to take before you put pen to paper. This week in Part 2, we’re giving away some trade secrets and make your content come alive (the fun stuff!).

Part 2. Making your content sing

You’ve done your strategy and know the context so it’s time to put pen to paper and have some fun! Here’s how we do it at K.I.S.S:

Hit hard with a headline
Headlines are just as important as the body content. If people aren’t attracted to your headline, then they’re not going to read on. Make a value promise, tease, create some urgency or touch a pain point so your audience is at the very least intrigued to read on.

Take yourself out of it
Remember, your content isn’t about you! It’s about them. Your audience. Appeal to your audience, have a conversation and make sure you’re not talking about yourself. You wouldn’t self-indulge when you’re face-to-face (hopefully!) so don’t do it in your content.

Find your voice
To be memorable, find your unique voice. No one remembers boring writing. Be a writer to remember by adding your special tone to your writing. The best part about finding your unique tone is that it can’t be replicated. It will make you stand out from the content crowd.

Humanise your content
I’ve written for some seemingly boring tech companies and all approached me to ‘liven up’ their; blog, website, brochures etc. Remember: the person reading your content is a person. No matter techy they are they don’t want to read boring industry lingo, tech talk or on the flip side dumbed down content. Just be human.

Be light
Even if it’s a serious topic, you can always find a lighter side. If appropriate, slip a few light hearted jokes in. Be cheeky or ask questions, but don’t make fun of anyone, unless it’s you.

Get off the fence
No one likes a fence sitter! Take a stance and tell people what you think without being a know-it-all. Don’t be afraid to offer up your opinion, particularly after presenting both sides of a story.

Share your knowledge
A big part of my blog is sharing my knowledge. I’m happy to teach and educate my audience to make them better at their marketing. Clients’ blogging for the first time are afraid to give away too much. Don’t be. The more you share, the more your audience will love you for it. Ahem?

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Final thought: Content isn’t the easiest thing to master but with some forethought and planning, you will set the foundation for content marketing success

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