Nailing your small business content marketing P.1

Nailing your small business content marketing P.1

A lot of people ask me if I write my own content. The answer is (drum roll please…) YES! I write my own content. I think there’s a lot to be said for “own content”. Blogs, social posts, website copy, ad copy; it’s all content. So usually the second question is how can you make it good? Simple: process.

This week’s blog is the first in a two part series aimed to help make your content sing. In Part 1, we’ll uncover some simple but often forgotten steps before you put pen to paper. In Part 2, we’ll give away some trade secrets and make your content come alive (the fun stuff!).

Part 1. Step away from the keyboard: before you start writing

Bigger picture plan
Plan out your long term content. Your content should be part of your bigger business story and not be random, purpose-less pieces. Think about your overall message and what you want the audience to do, think or feel. Once you have this broader thinking sorted apply it to each piece.

Know your goal
Content writing has taken on a journalistic approach in the past few years but remember: it’s still marketing. You want the reader to take action. This action may be different from the bigger picture action, but should still align with your overall content plan. Know what action you want your audience to take and hold that focus in the piece you plan to write.

Pain is gain
Content marketing all about value. Deliver value to your audience and they will engage with you. We aren’t talking “50% off tinned peaches” type of value here. We’re talking about uncovering the questions, triggers, or pain points experienced by your audience typically searching for your products or services. Then, proactively answer them. Use your content to answer these questions and your audience will love you for it.

Know your competition
Find out who is doing what and how. Knowing what’s working and what isn’t will steer you towards content marketing success. Are there key industry influencers that you can learn from? How do they tell their story and how you can you can tell yours in a different way?

Content isn’t the easiest thing to master but with some forethought and planning, you will set the foundation for content marketing success. Don’t miss Part 2. next week,  where we’ll be sharing some juicy tips to make your content really sing.

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