How your brand could be costing you sales

How your brand could be costing you sales

In today’s ultra-competitive market your brand will help your business stand out and avoid competing on price.


Brand positioning simply means, “The promise your business makes to its customers.” – simple. While simple, it’s a critically important promise that should mean something. And it’s an unbreakable promise you need to deliver on consistently. It surmises:

  • what it is that you do
  • what this means to your customers and
  • what it is that makes your business unique.


This then becomes the foundation of your branding including tone of voice the visual identity (logo, typefaces, colours etc.).


Solid brand = solid sales

By simply by interacting with your brand your customers will know what they can expect from your products and services, and what makes you different to your competition.


A powerful positioning and brand will help customers pick you out of seemingly identical offerings, and give you the distinction to stand above the crowd.


A weak positioning and brand and you will fall into the “me-too” marketing trap. No longer will your brand be distinguishable in a sea of competition. Price becomes your differentiation and sales are negatively affected as profit margins are squeezed.


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