What being a Google Partner really means.

What being a Google Partner really means.

In August The K.I.S.S Marketing Agency achieved Google Partner status. This means a lot to us. But it may not mean much to you. Yet. We’ve outlined the advantages of working with a Certified Google Partner.

Google Partner Status: requirements

Company profileCreate and complete a Partners company profile so our agency can be found on Google Partner Search. Check out our company profile here.
CertificationPartners must be certified in AdWords to show that you and your colleagues have advanced AdWords knowledge.Both Darnelle and Kat are Google Certified Individuals. Darnelle is certified in AdWords (1&2), Advanced Display Advertising and Google Analytics.
SpendMeet the Spend requirement across managed accounts to show the agency has a healthy amount of activity.
Best practicesImplement recommended best practices in client accounts to demonstrate that maximisation of client’s AdWords performance.

Certified Google Experts

All Google Partner Agencies must have employees with current Google Adwords certifications managing client accounts. Google ensures these certifications are current and our agency meets Google’s standards for customer care best practices.

Masters of AdWords

Google Partners must be experts in all the features of AdWords and use them to profit clients.

YouTube Advertising

Google Partners must be familiar with and understand how to utilise YouTube advertising features.


Google Partners actively do split testing on ads to attract the greatest volume of customers to a client’s site. Testing measuring and reporting are of a high standard.

A Google Partner that doesn’t maintain Google’s standards can have their badge removed. This ensures a high standard is maintained.

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