Blurring the lines: The difference between PR and Social Media Marketing

Blurring the lines: The difference between PR and Social Media Marketing

The lines between Social Media Marketing and PR have blurred due to the way brands are adopting and engaging with their audiences on social media.

But the two are still vastly different.

And in the world of “slashies” (i.e. PR/Marketing/Social Media/Entrepreneur) that it is important to draw a distinction between the two.


Let’s broaden the net and talk marketing Vs. PR.

While of course PR is a type/or channel of “marketing”, PR’s main focus is on maintaining a positive reputation and growing brand awareness through media channels for a brand as a whole.

Below we highlight the key differences, and crossovers between both Marketing and PR.

But what about PR companies who say they do social media marketing? And marketing agencies who say they do PR?

To break it down, PR agencies develop media contacts that will promote your brand or brand messages across media channels. The crossover occurs because whilst media channels like print, radio, and TV still exist, people are increasingly accessing their media from social platforms and social media influencers and bloggers.

A PR agency will use their contacts to build brand exposure through social media influencers that they either mange or have direct access to while a marketing agency will focus on building the strategy, the channels, and the content themselves.


Final thought

Coming from a marketing agency perspective, PR plays an important role in ensuring your brand is amplified across social media channels. We love PR agencies and work well with them to ensure our strategy, brand messages are content are aligning with the brand ambassadors influencers, bloggers or traditional journalists that PR agencies work with.


Are you ready to increase your social media marketing exposure?



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