7 easy ways to increase your email subscribers, legally.

7 easy ways to increase your email subscribers, legally.

A few weeks back we discussed some great tips to make your email marketing sing. But once your emails are singing, how can you make sure you have an audience to listen? After all, there’s no point hitting those high notes, if there’s no one there to “listen”. And thanks to the CAN-SPAM Act you can’t buy a third party list of contacts to well, spam.

I’m happy about CAN-SPAM. It means quality email marketing is back on the agenda. And for small businesses, email marketing is an effective way to connect with your audience.

How to increase your email subsribers, legally.

Convert followers into subscribers

You’re already having a conversation with your audience on social media, so encourage them to subscribe to your email list. Post the link to your subscription form and let them know why they should subscribe. What are they potentially missing out on? Is there an incentive?

If you are using email software like MailChimp, there are great integration features like the MailChimp/Facebook feature that integrates a customised subscription tab on your Facebook page.

Opt-in made easy

If you write great content and make it easy for people to subscribe, they will. I’ve put our opt-in box on every page of the site: just scroll down for easy opt-in! We also have a handy feature if you comment on our blog. Simply tick a box and you can subscribe to our email list. Simple! Using WordPress? Check out this plugin to add that capability to your site.

The “friendly” pop-up

Not a favourite of mine, but it is proven to increase subscribers (if relevant). Generally speaking, it gives people the erks but people still fill it out! Consider the brand implications and the trade off to using a pop up, before you slap it all over your site.

At the check out

If you have an online store, consider adding a simple check box to subscribe button in the check out process. These are the people you want on your list, because you know they buy from you. Some cheeky chaps have it defaulted to be checked, but I advise to leave it unchecked, so you build a quality list of people that want to hear from you.

If you’re in a bricks-and-mortar store, add an email sign-up form to your checkout counter and have your staff mention it during the sales process.


With a relevant contest, you can grow a great permission list. Just make sure the prize you give away relates to the type of customer you are targeting. So, if you are a restaurant targeting corporate functions don’t give away a voucher for a free kids birthday.

Partner up

Similar to the contest idea but a contest with a package of prizes from businesses with similar target audiences (but aren’t your competitors). Consider your partners carefully – in terms of your own positioning and audience match.


If you regularly network, you will pick up business cards and make connections. After collecting a business card, don’t just leave it in our drawer. Follow up with a simple email explaining why it’s important to subscribe and the link to complete their subscription.

If want help building your permission list, let’s talk.

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