4 ways to up your visual content game

4 ways to up your visual content game

Whether you work for a large company or a small business, it’s time to up your content game with your visual content. You can generate leads, build brand awareness, promote your latest product or showcase your company with engaging images and video. Here’s a quick guide to the kinds of visually appealing content you should consider publishing.

Stylised Images

  • A visual collection of branded designs gives you a powerful tool to complement your social media posts and blogs

K.I.S.S Tip: Add your company branding to harness the power of credibility.
Check out our blog: Why Size Does Matter (On Social Media).

Augmented Reality

  • Mobile responsive videos have been popularised by Snapchat
  • Ideal for humanising your brand, initiative, service or products

K.I.S.S Tip: Stitch a collection of video snippets together for other platforms.
Check out our blog: A Marketer’s Guide To Creating Killer Snapchat Content.

Facebook 360 Degree Videos

  • Use a 360 camera or use Google Street View app

K.I.S.S Tip: User-generated content will rise due to less editing

Live Video Streaming

  • Interview or Q&A session for follower interaction
  • Share behind-the-scenes and events
  • Capture customer testimonials in real-time

K.I.S.S Tip: Live videos get 3x longer views than recorded ones.
Check out our blog: 5 Simple Steps To Using Facebook Live Video.


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