3 ways to boost your sales with social media

3 ways to boost your sales with social media

We’ve said before social media isn’t for selling at people.


BUT. That doesn’t mean you can’t make sales (or increase your sales) through your social media efforts.


So if the talk of social media bumping your profits is what you want to hear, then read on for 3 clever ways to boost your sales with social media.


Analyse the social activities of your competitors

Position your brand’s social media performance and activity alongside your competitors. What are they doing that you aren’t? Have they seized a social media opportunity that you’re missing?


Remember: your competitors go beyond those that simply give the same solution. Review businesses that offer substitute products and services that are serving your potential customers.


The result:

Understanding your competition will give you insight into your industry’s current habits. You’ll see what posts are effective for the audience you want to reach seize potential opportunity (and customers) that you may have been missing.


Position yourself as a resource

Share valuable content with your audience. Invite them to request commentary and advice on other topics. Give them a call to action once in awhile and before you know it, you will have formed a database of leads that trust you for your expert knowledge and will want to buy from you.


The result:

You’ll engage your audience as an influencer. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, it just matters how close you are to those people that matter most (your current and potential customers).


Genuinely engage

Steer clear of the hard sell and share non product-related content that conveys value. This will evoke positive emotions and encourage user generated stories and insights on topics related to your industry.


The result:

Your audience will feel more connected with your brand and be inspired to purchase from you.


Remember: take the time to respond to posts and comments across your social media channels!


Are you looking to boost your sales with social media?

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  • Cyril Salas
    Posted at 11:47h, 09 July Reply

    Thanks Darnelle for the imposing post! Great stuff here! Always try to keep in mind that you should focus on the goals and not just the next tool.

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