Your Email Signature: A True Marketing Soldier

Your Email Signature: A True Marketing Soldier



Email signatures: a real afterthought. But in actual fact, your email signature is a free, instant and effective way of promoting your business to people every day.


Smart use of your email signature can turn that little blank space at the bottom of your business emails into a true marketing soldier.


Social media + blogs

Want to drive more traffic and engagement on your social media and blog? Include the relevant links to them in your signature.



The fact that you’re emailing this person already means you have their details but they may not be subscribed to your newsletter or blog. Include a link to your subscribe forms and ensure they’re on your database.



If you’re exhibiting at an expo, speaking at an event or hosting a course – tell people about it. Include a link to tickets or more information.


Awards and accomplishments

Recently won an award? Highlight the news in your email signature and include a link so your reader can read the full story on your site.


Promote an offer

Having a slow sales month? Consider using your email signature to promote an offer or sales promotion.


These messages are in addition to your contact details and company logo. Don’t make your email signature too busy; take one or two of the above suggestions not all. And finally:

  • Keep them short and sweet: A line or two, no more!
  • Update them often: once a week or fortnight is ideal.
  • Nothing to say? Don’t say anything this time round.


Need an email signature that packs a punch?

Let’s talk.


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