Why you need to start preparing for the festive season, plus more useful updates and tools.

Why you need to start preparing for the festive season, plus more useful updates and tools.

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Prepare for the Holiday season with Facebook

With people starting their holiday shopping earlier than ever, it’s time to prepare your business for the festive season. We mentioned last week that is was exactly 3 months to Christmas and even Facebook is advising brands that they need to start planning earlier than ever before! 

The first step to understanding your online traffic, is making sure your Facebook Pixel and/or Facebook SDK integrations are set up correctly. This will enable you to get a detailed overview of where your customers are looking, and where they drop off. 

Next you’ll need to start building your brand awareness and compiling a database that you can market your products to closer to Christmas.

The biggest thing to remember this holiday season is that consumer expectations are continuing to increase, which means seamless shopping experiences are a must! Delays and inconveniences may cause customers to abandon your website or their shopping cart, so be sure to iron out your online processes!

If you want to kickstart your Christmas marketing, take a look at our Christmas marketing services.

Facebook’s latest statistics

Facebook has recently released their latest platform statistics. They have reported their highest traffic between 1pm and 3pm, and now have 1.74 billion monthly active users!

So, if your brand isn’t on Facebook, you may be missing out on reaching a wide audience.

Also, if you’re targeting the 18-24year old age bracket, Facebook has reported that 50% of people in this age group access Facebook as soon as they wake up.

Snapchat increases their ad length

If you have previously turned away from Snapchat because of the strict 10 second ad time limit, you may want to re-visit the platform as they’ve increased the limit to 3 minutes. This comes as an increased effort to accommodate for longer form content to drive customer action.

Does your writing sound formal or unprofessional?

Grammarly’s new tone detector tool will analyse your word choice, phrasing, punctuation and capitalisation to determine how your message will be received by the intended audience. Simply add the tool to Chrome to start analysing your copy.  

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