Why you need to consider building killer campaign strategies

Why you need to consider building killer campaign strategies

As business owners and marketers, it’s easy to fall into daily, monthly and even yearly marketing rhythms, forgetting to pause and recognise the need for one of the fundamental marketing tools: the campaign.

Recognising you need a campaign is the first hurdle.

The reasons for needing a campaign vary, however once you’ve recognised this need, you are really half way there!

The easiest way to recognise you need a campaign is to keep an eye out for the triggers. Triggers can be internal to your business or external factors that impact it.

–       Are you launching a new product?

–       Are you entering a new market?

–       Are you approaching a new season or peak period such as Christmas?


What is the problem, exactly?

The answer is twofold;

Firstly, explore what business problem you are trying to solve.

Secondly and more importantly, what is the problem your target audience is facing that requires your business to solve.


Let’s use the example of launching a new a product, for example a moisturiser.

Business problem: We are launching a new product and we need a creative way to capture the attention of our target audience.


Target audience problem: Winter is killing my skin, I need a moisturiser that actually works to bring my skin back to life.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer allows you to plan effective campaigns.


What next?

Once you have identified the need for a campaign, your business problem and customer problem, it’s time to start planning.

Download the K.I.S.S guide to planning your next campaign here.

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