Why social media is not Queen Bee of your marketing mix

Why social media is not Queen Bee of your marketing mix


For quite a while, social media has been reigning supreme over the majority of the marketing mix. But is social media really the Queen Bee of marketing?

We think not.

Of course, we won’t argue that social media marketing is not important. Because it is. Vitally important. But for it to be truly successful, the Queen needs an army. And without her army, who has the Queen’s back?

So, let’s think for a moment.

As Facebook approaches two billion users, CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said “Facebook’s purpose is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”. With the algorithm constantly changing to support this vision, marketers need to look at a multi-channel strategy to talk to our customers and prospects.


How to integrate the Queen with her royal servants.


Remember: social media isn’t about selling.

So how do we sell on social media?

Take the pressure off social media and use a multi-channel approach.


Multi-channel marketing: simplified.


Sounds fancy but, put simply, multi-channel marketing means multiple channels are being utilised to reach your audience.

For example, let’s say you are hosting an event and want to drum up attendees. Consider integrating your social media with your other channels. Use your organic social media content for teasers and engagement, paid social media campaigns and email marketing to drive registrations, SMS campaigns for reminders and print flyers for in-house promotions.

By spreading the objectives’ expectations across multiple channels, the burden is taken off social media to deliver on all objectives. Each channel has a purpose and collectively they deliver on each set objective, leaving your audience more likely to engage with you at each touchpoint.


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