What’s next from social media giant Facebook

What’s next from social media giant Facebook


In a recent Facebook post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has shared the social media giants latest community update and quarterly results with their priority focused on tackling social issues.

Facebook has made some big privacy promises

Privacy has been named as one of the top priorities, advocating that the internet would benefit from governments setting clearer rules.

The third and most recent Facebook transparency report shows that progress has been made in areas of harmful content, including hate speech and graphic violence, but reveal that improvements need to be made to eliminate bullying and harassment.

Keeping with their privacy-focused vision for the future, Facebook has promised to deliver more secure and private messaging over the next five years, building on the foundation of Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook to create Oversight Board for content decisions

In an effort to also deliver a service that people can trust, Facebook is moving forward with their plans for an independent oversight board who will review controversial decisions made by the company’s content moderators.

While it might not solve all of Facebook’s content problems, it will provide an outside voice so that Facebook alone isn’t responsible for free speech rules online.

Safe and secure: streamlining online payments

In an attempt to deliver a better user experience, particularly to their online shopping hub which includes the likes of Instagram Shopping and Facebook Marketplace, major developments will be made to how payments are made across their apps.

In terms of private interactions, payments may be the most important. The platform aims to enable people to use the same payments account to send money to friends and businesses on WhatsApp, shop on Instagram, or make transactions on Facebook.

The future of augmented and virtual reality

In a short few years, we’ve seen major improvements to their AR and VR products from the  original Rift, to the current Oculus Quest headset.

Their reason for augmented and virtual reality: to deliver ‘the feeling of presence – that you’re actually there with another person or in another place.’

There’s promises to continue to build on this technology to open a new avenue of opportunities for users.

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