USP (baby-you-know-me).

USP (baby-you-know-me).

This week I was asked to explain the importance of a USP (=Unique Selling Proposition) in less than two minutes. Afterwards, many conceded they didn’t know the difference between a USP, positioning and point-of-difference.

Is USP the same as Positioning and Point-of-Difference?

On the surface they might seem the same, but when you scratch a little deeper there are differences.


Point-of-Difference describes how you differ from your competition. It’s pretty much the same as your competitive advantage. Your USP is NOT your point-of-difference.


Positioning is how you want your customer to think of you. (“ ‘Position’ is the space you occupy in the mind of the customer.”) Positioning is what clever marketers do in order to get their customer to think of the product or service.

Unique Selling Proposition

USP is simply how you would describe your positioning statement to a customer. Whenever you do this, you will verge on a hard sell – so use with caution. Remember: a good USP speaks to the RIGHT customer’s needs.

USP easy as one, two, three

Creating your USP

  1. Get inside your customer’s heads. Explore their wants, needs, problems and buying motivators. Not sure? Ask your current customers (the good ones!)
  2. Explain how your business solves your ideal customer’s problems.
  3. Make your business irresistible to your customers make them a promise.

There is an argument that USPs are redundant. While there’s merit to this point of view, we believe, point-of-difference, positioning and USPs can all work together to deliver a clear and consistent brand message.

If you need guidance with your brand message, let’s talk.

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