Top 20 WordPress Plugins

Top 20 WordPress Plugins


According to statistics, WordPress was behind nearly one-fourth of all websites on the Internet at the end of 2014. Since it’s development back in 2004, the content management system quickly became one of the mainstays for delivering material to the masses. More than 60 million people utilize the WordPress system across the globe. In many cases, a lot of these website owners operate several sites all running the same CMS application. Those who use other management systems often find themselves migrating to WordPress because of it’s easy to use interface and strong social support.


One of the reasons why people flock to this blogging platform is because of the extensive number of plugins that increase user interaction. From using backups on the Cloud to enhancing the experience with a Woocommerce mobile app, here are 20 of the most popular WordPress plugins. With the right combination of these miniature applications, you can easily create a unique and user-friendly experience regardless of your purposes.

Top 20 WordPress Plugins





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