TikTok on the marketing clock
TikTok Marketing Sydney

TikTok on the marketing clock

With over 800 million installs, TikTok is the latest social media platform exploding across the world. And brands are quickly jumping in to secure their place on the popular social platform.

Haven’t heard of it yet? Here’s the low down.

TikTok is all about encouraging users to upload short videos. Formally musical.ly, Tik Tok videos are up to 15-seconds long, although you can create and share 60-second story-esque videos. As the platform has grown, the types of content shared has grown as well. No longer just short lip synching  and music videos, content ranges from sport, to fashion, health and fitness, the list goes on.

How brands can leverage the power of TikTok

Just like most social platforms, brands can dip their toe in the TikTok waters, by creating their own channel, working with an influencer to tap into their market or play to play through advertising.

  • Create a brand channel with relevant owned videos
  • Work with influencers to spread content to an untapped audience
  • Advertise on the ‘still developing’ TikTok advertising platform

Hashtag challenges

The rise of the hashtag challenges started with the #icebucketchallenge back in 2014.

And for the TikTok community, challenges are an important part of the experience. The Gen Z market, who love a fully immersive experience, love taking up a challenge (bonus points for being an early adopter of the challenge) and sharing the content. Challenges are usually given a catchy hashtag which makes them easy to find, share and of course memorable.  

For brands wanting to cash in on the latest hashtag challenge on TikTok, it’s best to work with users that have an established and engaged following, like an influencer to kickstart the #hashtag challenge.

Australian brands and TikTok

While many believe the Australian user base aren’t quite big enough in Australia for brands to warrant a TikTok adoption strategy, those in the influencing space are watching to see how it shapes up locally. While the market is currently being educated on the app, brands can start jumping onboard.

Check out how some of the bigger brands are using TikTok here.

And if you’re ready to dive on in, check out this great beginners guide from Make Use Of, to get started.

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