Three ways to ace your 2020 social media strategy

Three ways to ace your 2020 social media strategy

For most, the end of 2019 means Christmas parties, soaking up the sun and having a break.

But for marketers, the end of any calendar year is crucial to review and in many cases reset your strategy for the year ahead.

If 2019 taught us anything, it’s that digital marketing and in particular, social media evolves at breakneck speed. What works one minute might not work the next. Tough going isn’t it?

Regardless, in 2020, the three areas all brands need to have a clear social media marketing strategy around are:

  • Advertising (paid ads)
  • Content marketing
  • Community management


Paid ads


Like it or loathe it, paid social media is where it’s at for 2020.  At K.I.S.S, on average we attribute between 55-60% of total social media strategy to paid advertising alone.

Obviously, this spend depends on the client, the objectives, the capacity to develop the other two strategic areas (content and community) and more importantly the channel.

Remember: paid social media ads come in many forms and placements, so don’t limit your budget to feed advertising only.

2020 will see ad placement will be even more segmented, with the rise of channel fragmentation. For instance, Instagram offers alternative advertising placements across Stories, as does Facebook with Watch, Messenger, Marketplace plus more.


Content Marketing


Organic content in 2020 needs to support a robust ad strategy. Which means content should strategically underpin your ad campaigns, in many cases providing a testing ground for future ad content.

If your organic content doesn’t engage, then get rid of it.

Types of social media content (in order of most engaging to least)  

    1. Stories
    2. Live videos
    3. Photo/image
    4. Video
    5. Link posts
    6. Plain text posts


Community management


While in years gone by community management has been underrated and overlooked, 2020 will see a resurgence.

Often landing in the hands of marketing, Community Management in 2020 needs to take a brand-wide approach and be managed as such.

Aside from actively responding to DM’s, and comments on social platforms, in 2020 community management will require brands to provide more one on one personalised service, through Messenger and Groups.

This presents a unique opportunity for brands, as specialist groups will act as a channel for customer service that will build advocacy and loyalty.  Something which we believe isn’t always best managed by marketing. Rather, Groups should be managed by specialists within the brand, to ensure both authenticity and quality, value-led and accurate content.


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