The top marketing trends of 2016 we’re most excited about

The top marketing trends of 2016 we’re most excited about


Darnelle: “Connecting on a global scale”

In 2016 I’m looking forward to a more connected world. Sure, there’s loads of apps and technology that make us feel connected, but are we truly connected? In April / May I’m off to the US to attend Social Media Marketing World – a global conference on everything social media. I’m looking forward to connecting with people from all over the world, maintaining that connection over digital, and bringing back my delicious new knowledge to Australia to super charge our social media offering.


Brittney: “Digital adaption”

For 2016, I’m excited for what’s next in digital marketing. As technology continues to rapidly change the future of how we market, it’s an exciting challenge adapting to the newest tools, trends and technologies. This never ending learning process keeps us on our toes, but the innovation it brings to our client’s marketing campaigns makes it all worth it.


Erin: “Typography innovation”

The digital world has come a long way in terms of typography. No longer are we confined to default fonts. For 2016, I’m hoping designers put more thought into fonts, font sizes, and weighting. It might seem like a small change but it will make a huge difference to website experience and ultimately success in 2016.


Sam:  “Doing business differently”

It has been fascinating to see how the advancements in technology, especially changes in the area of Social Media have shaped the way the team at the K.I.S.S Marketing Agency does marketing not only for ourselves but for our clients. In 2015, we’ve seen changes to key social platforms that will influence the way in which we do business in 2016


Kat: “Contextually targeted promotions”

There is a great marketing opportunity to target consumers by geographic preference – converting the consumer window shopping at your shop front or looking at your site online from across the globe. Using these insights will mean promotions are not only contextually relevant, but relevant to where your customers are; achieving market saturation that’s impossible on a broader scale.


Aengus: “Improving small business brand identities”

I love how K.I.S.S provides insightful, strategic brand insights once only available to bigger business. And what’s more, when we combine these insights with beautifully designed identities that pack a punch, small business has a chance. I’m excited to watch the focus on small business branding get serious in 2016.

What are you most excited about for 2016?

Share in the comments below!


BLOG HOLIDAYS: please note this will be the last blog for 2015. Our blog will be back next year from Tuesday 19th of January, 2016. Thanks for reading in 2015. 



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