Discover this week’s latest social updates

Discover this week’s latest social updates


Instagram ditches ‘like counts’ 

In recent news, Instagram has expanded it’s test of removing like counts to more regions, including Australia, as part of it’s broader focus on the wellbeing of users.

As you can imagine, this move has been met with a lot of controversy, especially among the influencer community, who have labelled the move as demotivating.

The motive behind the decision?

Instagram chief, Adam Moressi, stated that he doesn’t want Instagram to be such a competition, and hopes that by ditching the like count, he can help to reduce the negative impacts of social comparison.

Facebook updates

Facebook is updating the format of mobile page posts and ads, to match the look and feel of it’s new design, with the vision to improve consistency for mobile experience, and drive ad effectiveness.

Basically, this means that we’ll be seeing a little less (literally), with text shrinking from 7 lines down to 3 lines, as well as images and videos having their height reduced.

Read more about the specs here:

It’s only up from here: LinkedIn engagement on the rise.

The results are in, and for the third time in a row LinkedIn has reported record levels of engagement and growth for the platform.

LinkedIn announced that “More and more people are using the feed and giving feedback to their network’s posts.”

The amount of engagement on posts has continued to grow by more than 50% each year on LinkedIn. However, until recently this growth has not been evenly distributed. LinkedIn can thank its adoption of ‘Creator-side optimisation’, which focused on directing attention to users with smaller audiences.

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