The secret to building a trustworthy brand

The secret to building a trustworthy brand

Last week, liquid antiseptic Dettol was ranked Australia’s most trusted brand, while Hills Hoist was named Australia’s most iconic. The annual brand trust rankings released by Reader’s Digest surveys more than 2,400 Australians. It revealed BBQ lovers trust the Weber and some us brave enough to trust a meat pie, put their faith in a Four ‘N Twenty.

The top 10 most trusted brands in Australia

1. Dettol

2. Colgate

3. Dyson

4. Delux

5. Band Aid

6. Parker

7. Johnson & Johnson

8. Weber

9. Sanitarium Weet-Bix

10. Panadol

The pillars of trust

That’s a trustworthy bunch of brands. They’ve all successfully developed trust in the minds of consumers. Why? Because they don’t write cheques their brands can’t cash. Oh and they have four solid foundations that intrinsically build trust:


By forming solid relationships with customers, brands establish loyalty. People become attached to a brand like a trusted friend. And thanks to social media, brands are humanised even further. Customers can now have two-way conversations and build real relationships.


Brands need to consistently deliver on their brand promise. Being consistent equals stability in the mind of a consumer. A stoic, stable brand? I’ll trust that.


As much as we don’t like cheap and nasty, no one likes being ripped off either. When a consumer trusts a brand, they’re willing to trade off a higher price point with the perceived extra value. They know what they’re getting with a brand that they trust and they’re willing to pay for it.


People trust competent experts. For a brand to establish their positioning as ‘expert’ they stick to what they know and don’t deviate from their core competency. People trust specialists.

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