When Right Place, Right Time Matters

When Right Place, Right Time Matters

The key to effective marketing strategies is timing. So how do you know what time is the right time? While there’s no ‘one-size fits all’ approach, it’s all in the planning.

Who are you talking to?

Looking at your audience profiles and engagement insights will give you some guidance but it’s not always that simple. Targeting, message, branding and design all play a big part in successful delivery and conversions.

Old Habits Die Hard

Have you noticed that you’re more inclined to do certain things on certain days of the week? For example, come the middle of the week, we bet you’re often dreaming of getting away from it all? Cue email from travel brands.

Consumer behaviours generally go a little something like this:

Monday – big decisions are made with confidence

Tuesday – motivated to be productive and achieve weekly goals

Wednesday – daydreaming about what the weekend/future may bring

Thursday – driven to spend, incentivised by sales

Friday + Weekend – relaxed and inspired to discover places, events or projects

The Big Picture

The right time to interact with your consumers will also depend on the channels you’re actively using and the way your audience uses it. For example, Facebook is best suited for frequent and regular posts while email marketing is ideal for targeted and timely messages.

Aligning all consumer touch points online and offline is essential for unlocking business growth and success but timing is everything.

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