The recent changes to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest you need to know

The recent changes to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest you need to know

In the latest bid to stay relevant, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have introduced new updates to their platforms. Whether they’re original or borrowed from competing platforms, we’ll let you decide.

During the last half of 2016 we saw Instagram make a direct move to steal back some of it’s market from Snapchat through the introduction of Stories a feature similar the same as Stories on Snapchat. So as the competition heats up between the platforms, what’s in store for 2017? Check the latest updates from Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest below.


Instagram Galleries


Instagram now allows users to share as many as 10 photos or videos in a swipeable gallery. The multi-posts are represented by a small icon and a series of blue dots below the first image.

Prior to posting you have the ability to either edit each photo individually or apply a filter over everything at once. Just like the Instagram Ad carousel, you are only allowed one caption for the entire set.

It’s simple and straightforward, and a win (of sorts) for Instagram because Snapchat didn’t do first (but did Facebook?)!


Facebook’s Discover People


The Facebook app on iOS and Android now includes Discover People. The Discover People feature displays a list of Facebook users who live in your area, are employed by your company or are attending the same events as you. The feature is designed to encourage people to make new friends and facilitate connections between people with mutual likes and/or friends.

The Discover People feature can be found in the navigation section below friends, nearby places and shops.

To use the new function. Facebook users are encouraged to set up a profile and introduce themselves with a short blurb. Below a list of your upcoming events is shown as “people going to XXX.’ When you click into one of your events other attendees are shown one-by-one which you swipe through and either friend request or move on. Apart from events, you are also able to browse through people who work at your workplace and people living in the same town as you.

Some people are viewing this new feature as a potential dating tool, replacing the platforms like Tinder in that, just like tinder you swipe through potential people to connect with. Discover People does not list people you’re already friends with on Facebook and reminds us of the Discover function over on Instagram.

See things differently with Lens from Pinterest


Pinterest has introduced ‘Lens’.

This feature enables users to use their phone camera to search on Pinterest and to snap a picture of an item inside the Pinterest app. Users take a photo of an item such a table and Pinterest will generate images of room décor ideas with similar looking tables and different arrangements.

Pinterest’s Lens works in a similar way to the music app ‘Shazam’. Pinterest has also included a ‘Shop the look’ button on home and fashion pins that enable the user to click through and purchase the product.

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