Motivation: The key to marketing success

Motivation: The key to marketing success

If you’re a K.I.S.S client you’re motivated, driven and great at what you do. And that’s a fact. Yup we’re lucky. We work with great people. But what about the rest? Other businesses can struggle with what we call “special sauce”. It’s that extra bit of juice that gets you over the line. It keeps you one step ahead. It’s what makes you different.

It’s motivation.

Marketing + Motivation. Why it’s important.

Motivation is a huge factor in the success of a business. Motivation can make or break your marketing plan. No matter how much marketing you do, if you aren’t motivated and invested (physically and emotionally) in your marketing then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Finding your special sauce the K.I.S.S way.


Talking to your customers is one of the best ways to get motivated. Customer feedback helps generate new ideas and find ways to improve your business. By opening channels of communication with your customers, you’ll provide a better customer experience.

Aim high

Having goals motivates us to succeed. In our marketing strategies, we set small goals to reach a bigger goal so clients don’t become overwhelmed by the “bigger picture”. Having smaller goals also keep everyone on track and give a sense of accomplishment.

Be inspired

Having a support network of other small businesses is invaluable. You can bounce ideas off each other, give and receive advice and generally be inspired by each other’s stories. We’re members of our local networking group and it’s a pivotal ingredient of our special sauce.

Are you trying to find your special sauce?Let’s talk.

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