LinkedIn for mobile gets a face (book) lift

LinkedIn for mobile gets a face (book) lift

LinkedIn unveiled a new look for its mobile app last week. The changes mark efforts to help mobile users learn about each other quickly; a trait typical of the “on-the-go” mobile user. These moves match those made by Facebook who have captured mobile users by adapting their mobile experience to the mobile user behaviour.

Three years ago LinkedIn said 8% of users were connecting with a mobile device, this year they now expect more than 50% of users to connect from a mobile device.

Multi-level profile display

LinkedIn have nailed the mobile user’s psyche by defining three levels of information display all based on how much time the user has on hand.

The quick and dirty: On your way into a meeting and forgotten your common ground? LinkedIn have now put this information next to a user’s name that includes what you have in common, like schools and connections. Crisis averted!

The scan: a minute or two up your sleeve and scroll further to uncover a person’s work and interests.

The deep and meaningful: five minutes or more and read up on a person’s work history, recommendations and experience, getting the complete picture of your connection.

What’s it to you?

While we’re all super exited about these changes, are you? You should be. Particularly if you have a sales team, regularly meet with clients and connections or attend networking events. Easily access information about whom you are meeting with, on the go. And by doing so, build solid relationships, which in the long run can lead to new business.

These new features will launch on mobile devices first, but will eventually spread to the website as well.

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