Lights. Camera. Action. Three award winning campaigns to hit the red carpet.

Lights. Camera. Action. Three award winning campaigns to hit the red carpet.

The Oscars. The pinnacle of award shows and one of the year’s biggest events.

Forward thinking brands are tapping into the award season buzz. So, we’ve pulled out our clip boards and dusted off our judging caps, to select our top award winning campaigns, to inspire your marketing efforts.

Best Picture: Cadillac

Rise Above Ad:

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Cadillac put on a big performance at this year’s Oscars with the launch of their ‘Rise’ campaign.

Playing off one of the luxury brand’s popular features, the fact that SUV’s ride higher than regular cars, “Rise,” according to Cadillac, will lead the brand to “literally and metaphorically rise above its past and reimagine its future with its new SUV portfolio”.

The first in Oscar’s history for any commercial logo, the Cadillac logo also graced the red carpet, with a strong significance made on the blue portion of the Cadillac logo, portrayed in the ads as an upward-leading staircase.

This was brought to life at the pre-show “Oscars Live on the Red Carpet” through an illuminated blue staircase that celebrities in attendance were interviewed on, sharing their own stories of ‘rising up’.

Best Supporting Act: Walmart


[Image source: Walmart]

In 2017, Walmart launched their three-year partnership with the Academy Awards by challenging three big time Hollywood directors to create 60-second films based on the same six-item Walmart receipt.

Using a combination of items; bananas, paper towels, batteries, a scooter, wrapping paper, and a video baby monitor, it dared the directors to be different, giving Walmart a platform to pay tribute to a night celebrating storytelling.

For a brand that isn’t traditionally considered ‘high-glam’, the concept created an authentic connection with one of Hollywood’s biggest nights.

Best Makeup: Sephora


[Image source: braze]

During Hollywood’s much anticipated award season, viewers are watching as much for the statement-making fashion and glamour, as they are for the awards.

Beauty brand Sephora, leveraged this opportunity to inspire their audience to create a red-carpet ready look from the comfort of their own home.

Highlighting the “Best Of” their products from perfume to lipsticks in an eye-catching email campaign, Sephora increased their usual three free samples with online orders to five.

By tapping into the Oscars buzz, Sephora incentivised excited consumers to place an online order and re-create the looks they saw on the red carpet.

How will your brand leverage the award season buzz?

Tell us in the comments below.


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