It’s fashion darling…

It’s fashion darling…

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It’s Fashion…

YouTube invites you to sit front row with the introduction of YouTube.com/Fashion. A destination for fashion and beauty creators, industry professionals, publishers and luxury fashion brands. We’re sure you’ll find some inspiration for your future style content.

Online shopping made even easier with Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook is testing out two new shopping ad options, both aimed at streamlining the path to purchase, and keeping users within the app.

Dynamic Ad option: This option enables users to order an advertised item direct from the News Feed ad itself

Turning Instagram ads into paid promotions.


Selected businesses will be able to amplify their on-platform shopping prompts, via Facebook Ads Manager, while Instagram has also noted that it’s looking to add paid promotion options to its Checkout in Instagram” shopping posts in the future.


Stories on Facebook, Instagram and now Google?


While we’ve seen Google replicate a few of the popular features of other social platforms without much success, it looks like their enthusiasm hasn’t been dampened. A new update to Google Photos has seen them launch a feature called ‘Memories’ a.k.a Stories. Find out more on this here.

LinkedIn pushes more link ups.


LinkedIn has rolled out some new features to help you link in with your networks when you need some work done. Some of the new tools include a Search for Help function as well as a simple process so you can get recommendations even faster. Check out the simple steps here.

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