Instagram’s Hidden Like Count Drops Engagement by 13%

Instagram’s Hidden Like Count Drops Engagement by 13%

Last week, Vishal Shah, Instagram’s Head of Product, explained to Podcast Geekout with Matt Navarra, about how Instagram decides what to add to — and take away from — the app.

Of particular interest to us was his view on the end of like counts. His comments essentially suggested Instagram are seeing a reduction in post engagement in regions where like counts have been removed.

That would align with a recent study by HypeAuditor, which found that total like counts have fallen for influencers operating within the regions where the test is active.

More information on this study, here.

DM’s but make them Desktop

Instagram announced last week via Twitter that they are currently testing rolling DMs into their desktop functionality; music to multitasking-marketers ears. We don’t know about you, but we can certainly type on Desktop faster than our mobiles!

Facebook halts plans to launch Whatsapp Ads

Last year, we reported Facebook were working on launching an advertising offering for Whatsapp.

And with the user count of the messaging platform in the billions, we could see why.

In an interesting move by Facebook, they have ceased development of the ad offering and have distanced themselves from further development commitments.

Probably a good idea, considering the massive can of privacy breach worms we could see this creating.


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