From Instagram to Instabusiness: Switching to an Instagram Business Profile

From Instagram to Instabusiness: Switching to an Instagram Business Profile

Recently Instagram announced Instagram for Business. Instagram has made it super easy for businesses to convert to Instagram for Business. In just a click of a button, you can now switch your Instagram account to a business profile and unlock a range of valuable tools for your page.

Switching to a business profile in just one click

As the update rolls out across the platform, find the option to ‘Switch to Business Profile’ by tapping the settings wheel icon in the top right of your Instagram app.

Make it easy for your customers to connect

Using the Business Profile option on Instagram, you’ll be able to add options for your customers to easily connect with you including your Facebook Page, phone number, email and location.

Visitors to your Instagram profile will then be able to click a ‘Contact’ button to connect easily with you.

Tip: You can select either ‘Call’ or ‘Text’ options in the phone number settings of your business profile.

Understand your audience and take action

Your new business profile will unlock insights we’re already used to on other social media platforms. Discover impressions, reach, website clicks and follower activity.

Now, with analytics maximise your Instagram efforts by understanding which posts perform well, which days of the week and times are best to post and even the demographic breakdown of your followers. You can also promote any posts you’ve shared, and include a button like ‘Learn More’ to reach new customers in your target audience.

Note: The difference between impressions and reach is defined by Instagram as impressions – the total views of a post; reach – the number of unique accounts to see a post.


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