Insta-game changer: Threads

Insta-game changer: Threads

Last week, Facebook launched Threads from Instagram.

Threads is a standalone app (think: Facebook Messenger-esque) designed with privacy, speed and close connections in mind.

Users will now be able to share photos, videos, messages, Stories and more with their Instagram Close Friends list.

Message Only Your Close Friends

Users can use Threads to message people on Instagram close friends list which will have dedicated inbox and notifications just for them.

Share Photos and Videos Instantly

Threads is the fastest way to share a photo or video with your close friends on Instagram. It opens directly to the camera and allows you to add shortcuts, so you can share what you’re doing in just two taps.

Find Out What Friends Are Up To With Status

Status are for the people on the go who don’t have time to post a video or a photos. You can choose from a suggested status ( Studying) or create your own ( Procrastinating) or turn on Auto Status ( On the move), which automatically shares little bits of context on where you are without giving away your coordinates.

Threads began rolling out globally last week. 


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