Industry spotlight: Top marketing trends for real estate agents

Industry spotlight: Top marketing trends for real estate agents

As the real estate market continues to heat up, consistent marketing is key to successfully differentiating agents from their competition. From your personal brand to the adoption of new technologies and processes, it’s all marketing!

This week we’re discussing the top real estate marketing trends agents should be leveraging right now.


Virtual reality and 3-D listings


Virtual reality (VR) is gaining traction across a number of industries – particularly the real estate and housing / home improvement market. While some agents are already jumping on board this emerging technology many are still yet to invest in the technology.

Now, is the time to start integrating VR and 3-D tours to the real estate marketing mix. 3-D tours increase efficiency, allowing you to show clients multiple properties from the comfort your office. The vendor is also happy as it removes the frequency of inconvenient opens, leaving you positioned perfectly as an innovative agent and happy clients.

Note: VR will not replace physical opens; rather add a new dimension to the frequency and reach of properties.

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Getting social


While many real estate agents currently use social media to promote their business and share listings, many aren’t doing it well enough. Successful social media management requires strategic thought, a clear understanding of your audience and message to market.

Social media when used correctly can build reputation, stimulate brand awareness and allow you to network with clients (potential, previous and current) as well as industry professionals.

Platforms such as Facebook are also a great way to allow past clients to rate you, which prospective clients can review prior to seeking your services. Sites like Rate My Agent in Australia are making it even easier for clients to share their experiences, which can then be leveraged across your own social media sites.

LinkedIn builds your business profile and allows a direct professional connection with clients, away from more personal platforms such as Facebook.


Establish your personal brand


For real estate agents in particular, a strong personal brand is crucial. If your personal branding isn’t strong, it’s difficult to ask customers to trust you without a strong reputation, supported by genuine testimonials and referrals from past clients.

Be proactive about maintaining and strengthening your personal brand. Firstly, understand your audience and market and create value for them in order to own your space. By leveraging yourself as a valuable resource, you will grow your personal brand.

Tactically, think about how you can differentiate yourself from other agents, while still aligning yourself with your company brand. From the clothes you wear, to the gifts you give, personal touches go a long way in successful personal branding.


Marketing automation


Marketing automation is a super powerful tool to automate follow-ups with new leads or existing clients.

Some statistics show many real estate leads may not convert for 6-18 months, so it goes without saying that you need to keep in touch.

Marketing automation allows you to do that easily and efficiently. Set up marketing automation / lead nurture campaigns via email to automatically contact new leads over a set period of time, aiding in increased lead engagement and conversion.


360 degree photos


We are loving 360 degree photos at the moment! Compared to static photos, 360 degree panoramic photos capture prospective buyers and tenant’s attention and is a good first step into virtual reality (VR).

Simply upload a panoramic shot to Facebook and watch as the pic is transformed into a 360 degree visual feast! Simple, yet effective.


Final thought


Thanks to new technology and trends, marketing is a forever changing element to your business. The pace at which these trends appear is no doubt fast, so keep up to date and give new things a go to avoid being left behind.

Not in the real estate industry? Keep an eye out for regular industry spotlights, where we discuss a new industry each month.


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