How to start your 2019 marketing planning

How to start your 2019 marketing planning

Now that you have your Christmas campaigns planned and rolling, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead. Even though it is a busy time of year, getting started on your New Year marketing plan will help you start 2019 with a marketing edge.

Check out these 3 simple steps to help you get the ball rolling

1. Review the year that was

Before looking ahead, look back. Understanding what worked, what didn’t and what you can improve on is an essential starting point for planning.

Look at your marketing for the year and identify key performance indicators like your top performing posts and ads, which will give you an idea of what to keep and what to modify.

2. Review your market

We live in an ever-changing digital world, meaning markets are never static. Understanding your market and changes is the key to staying relevant to your target market.

Do your research as to which channels your customers engage with and communicate through. Reviewing your competition is another key element. Understand what they do well and what they are missing to be able to fill the gaps for their lost market share.

3. Uncover opportunities and modify your 2019 strategy

Carrying on from the last point of monitoring your competition, identifying gaps in your competitors marketing can leave a valuable opportunity for your business to capitalise on.

Listening to your customers is also a great way to reveal new opportunities to engage customers both online and offline.

Trying new marketing campaigns and tactics is a testing process, so make sure you are constantly monitoring any new campaigns to identify what needs to be modified.

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