How to delete a Facebook pixel

How to delete a Facebook pixel

Can a Facebook Pixel Be Deleted?

Unfortunately there is no way in deleting a facebook pixel in business manager without touching the back end of the website. However there is another way of doing it which is described below.

An active Facebook pixel is continuously collecting data, whether you want it to or not. In theory, you can stop the collection of data, and thereby you can effectively delete the pixel. And therein lies your solution, which Facebook does allow you to do. In other words, disable the collection of data the pixel is collecting and you’ve basically removed it. It is definitely not the best solution if you do not want to touch the backend of the website. But it is the quickest and easiest way.

Stopping a Pixel from Collecting Data

Stopping a pixel from collecting data is a rather simple process

1. Open Facebook Business Manager. Log in with your Facebook credentials, if you aren’t already.

2. Now, on the left hand side where your column of options are, make your way down the menu to Data Sources and reveal additional options by clicking on the small arrow to the right of Data Sources.

3. Under Data Sources, choose Pixels, which is second from the top. You’ll see an extra panel appear to the right of your left hand panel, which is a list of your pixels.

4. Click on the pixel that you want to suppress the collection of data for. You’ll see the main bulk of your interface change to reveal more information in the center of your page.

5. In the center, click Ad Accounts. To the right of that is a list of Ads currently collecting data. To stop a particular ad, click on the “X” located at the very end of each different entity.

6. Repeat these steps until you’ve ceased the collection of data for every pixel that applies.

How to delete a Facebook pixel from your wordpress site?

If you completely want to delete the pixel from your website, you have to touch the html source code. This sounds rather complex that it actually is. Described below is a quick guide on how to delete a facebook pixel from your wordpress site.

  1. Log into your wordpress backend 
  2. On the left sidebar click on plugins and select installed plugins
  1. Search for “Facebook Pixel” and click on “Deactivate”

That’s it. You just successfully deleted your facebook pixel from your wordpress site.


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