Here’s looking at small business in 2015

Here’s looking at small business in 2015


2015 holds a world of possibility for small business. From curating engaging content automatically, to (real) online reviews, personalisation and transparency, 2015 is an exciting time. There’s a shift coming and small business will benefit. We also review Mailchimp Snap, and discuss its place in the 2015 marketing mix.

Content curation and publishing platforms

Content curation is an effective inbound marketing strategy. Due to its success, there’s been a rise in content curation tools available on the market. But looking beyond the simple curation tools 2015 will see more platforms like Rallyverse pop up in the market.

Rallyverse is the content marketing platform for marketers who want to do more, and do it better: in social media, on email, on blogs, and in social selling. Rallyverse and platforms like it, have built the technology and tools to enable marketers to produce and share content that’s on-brand and right for their audience.

Reviews become powerful

If small businesses aren’t already paying close attention to online reviews for their business, it should be priority in 2015.

In 2013 we learnt that 90% of customers buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and 2015 is the year, it’s all about to get real. Google favours business profiles with reviews in local search, and in 2015, reviews will also be increasingly essential to conversions on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Marketing gets personal

We’re more connected across the world these days, but as customers reject the “mass”, marketing has regionalised, localised and in some cases individualised it’s message. Personalisation is here to stay, which will transform how we think about and manage global brands. This creates major opportunity for local businesses, who should be jumping on the personalisation train.


Consumers continue to exert power and influence. Next year successful brands will be those that real time picture of what they are doing in the interest of the consumer, at any given time.

Tech tip for 2015

Mailchimp Snap

In October 2014 Mailchimp came up with the idea for Mailchimp Snap. It’s a take on Snapchat of sorts where MailChimp Snap campaigns start with a photo. You can grab one from your camera roll, Instagram account, or take a new one with the app. Write a short description of the product and provide a title for the campaign. You can add a URL from your online store to make the photo clickable, too.

Once your campaign is ready, simply select a list and filter it by subscribers, or send to a segment you’ve already created. From there, it’s just like any other Mailchimp campaign.

Mailchimp Snap will evolve in 2015. It currently lends itself nicely to retail and/or online stores, but knowing Mailchimp, we see Mailchimp Snap evolving across industries as well as better design templates and UX.

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