Harnessing the power of LinkedIn for small business

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn for small business

It’s fair to say LinkedIn is still earning its stripes with some small business owners. For many the power of LinkedIn is obvious. You can interact with individuals to expand networks, source new business deals, get introductions, and more.

For those that still need convincing, read on. But before you do, remember: just like any social platform your profile needs a consistent investment, for it to work.

Quality over quantity

Simply Linking In with anyone to get your numbers up is not best practice. Start off by Linking In with people you have networked with in person, colleagues, past and current customers, friends and family. Then use your foundation network to search potential clients or people you want to be connected to get an introduction. And build. And build.

4 powerful reasons to be on LinkedIn

Google loves LinkedIn

When someone searches your name, your LinkedIn profile will be one of the top three search results that come up. If you have a desolate profile, what does that say about you?

Establish your street cred, online

While having a good reputation locally is extremely important, your online reputation is equally as important. Thanks to the Internet customers and clients can come from anywhere and those that don’t know you locally, will research you online. And if your business relies on your personal brand for sales, you can bet your LinkedIn profile is going to help beef up your credibility.

Manage your network

LinkedIn allows you to tag your contacts into groups that you understand and manage communication to these groups.

LinkedIn now becomes your CRM system. If and when your connections change roles or move companies, you immediately will know, which can keep you connected but could also open a valuable sales conversation.

Cement your personal brand and attract business

LinkedIn builds your personal brand. By sharing relevant articles and own content with your network, you establish your positioning as the expert in your field. And when the time comes that your network has a need to buy (or knows someone that does), the only person they will think of is you.

By building your profile over time, you maintain “top of mind” awareness amongst your network, without bombarding them with sales calls or emails. This shortens the sales cycles and can help generate leads over time.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk.

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