Get to know your audience and open up the conversation.

Get to know your audience and open up the conversation.

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Get to know your LinkedIn audience with this latest update.

The more data the better right? LinkedIn agrees, as they launch their latest Success Hub section, Insights and Research. You’ll have access to comprehensive insights on audiences, industry vertices based on LinkedIn usage. These insights are based on the 630 million+ LinkedIn members and 30 million+ Businesses on LinkedIn.

Facebook adds more Page badges to encourage engagement.

With the recent success of the Group Badges rolled out last year, Facebook has slowly been adding badges to Page interactions and expanding the signifiers available in order to highlight more engaged fans. Badges such as ‘Anniversary Follower’ and ‘Milestone Follower’ are showing which provide new ways for Page admins to better understands their Facebook fans.

Are you engaging with followers on your social?

A recent study conducted by Manifest takes a look at how brands who engage with their audiences have an influence on purchasing behaviour. One of the valuable points recommends that brands embrace social media as a tool for two-way communication. People expect responses, opening the opportunity for businesses to use social media as an extension of their customer service strategy.

Google SEO tips

It’s time to improve your presence on Google, but how? Here are some hand points from SocialMediaToday.

  • Allow Google to publicly display your company information
  • Enter a geographical radius
  • Select primary and secondary business categories
  • Write a short business description
  • Upload visual content
  • Verify you’re the GMB account owner
  • Solicit customer reviews
  • Create content within Google Posts

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