Facebook’s new features currently in testing and Pinterest ads go mobile

Facebook’s new features currently in testing and Pinterest ads go mobile

Pinterest’s mobile ad tool

Until now, you could only set up and manage Pinterest campaigns on desktop. Pinterest have introduced a new mobile ad tool that allows users to set up, manage and amend campaigns on the go. Performance metrics such as advertising spend, remaining duration, impressions, clicks, click through rate and saves will be easily accessible.

The mobile tool is currently being tested in the U.S. for businesses, with the aim to be rolled out globally in the near future. This will be a super useful tool for brands using Pinterest ads as it will allow you to easily see your ad performance any time of the day.

Facebook trusted news

Similar to Facebook’s dedicated video section, they are now looking to launch a dedicated ‘trusted news’ tab by the end of the year.

The trusted news section will feature high quality and trusted sources only, so users can rest assured that the news they’re consuming is accurate. 

Facebook’s new video subscription service

Facebook wants to be more than just a social media platform; they want people to discuss their favourite shows and videos which is why they are testing a new video subscription service.

Facebook are partnering with services like, BritBoxTV, CollegeHumor Dropout, MotorTrend On Demand and Tastemade Plus. Additionally, there have been reports that Facebook is looking to involve other major video players to develop a new piece of hardware.

Facebook has also reportedly reached out to Netflix, Disney and Hulu about adding their streaming services to a new ‘TV chat device.’

Stay tuned on our blog for updates on when and if these services are rolled out.

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