What you ought to know about Facebook reports

What you ought to know about Facebook reports

Hands up who has a Facebook business page. Keep your hands raised if you read your page’s insights every day. Bummer. No one.

I recently experienced this reaction in a room full of switched on small business owners. We know the success of social media is hinged on consistency. But it’s not just about regular posting to the page. A commitment needs to be made to consistently monitor the insights of the page to get the best results.

Unless you have a crack team of social media experts (like us!) managing your social media presence, you need to regularly view your Facebook reports.

The basics: Notifications

What are they? The quick and dirty overview of any activity that’s happened on your page.

What do they include? New comments, likes and fan activity can all be found by clicking the little globe in the top right hand corner. If there’s a red number, you have notifications to be seen to.

The K.I.S.S standard? At K.I.S.S we currently manage 28 separate business Facebook pages. We check notifications on the hour.

Digging Deeper: Insights

At the very top of your page on the right hand corner you will find four menu items:

  • Page
  • Activity
  • Insights
  • Settings

This is where the real management starts.

We look at insights on a daily basis for all of our clients. Click the insights tab and an overview tab will appear. This will give you a snapshot of:

  • Page likes
  • Post reach
  • Post engagement

Scroll down further and you’ll hit the statistical breakdown for your 5 most recent posts.

By monitoring page likes, post reach and post engagement on a daily basis you can get an up-to-date understanding of your performance. This means you can react, amend and adapt content to super charge your social media efforts.

Want us to walk you through your Facebook reports? We offer one-on-one, face-to-face, training for all things social, let’s talk.

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  • Zoe
    Posted at 11:33h, 22 July Reply

    Hi Darnelle,
    I do check insights everyday. Love seeing more likes! However, I’m really not sure when to act and what to do next when I see the numbers going down- especially people engaged… What would you say is best practice?
    Thanks Darnelle!

    • Darnelle O'brien
      Posted at 11:42h, 23 July Reply

      Hello Zoe

      Thanks for your comment – it’s certainly a question that pops up.

      When numbers of likes decrease on your social media first step is not to panic. You’ll always get a few people drop off here and there – that’s normal. If there’s a mass exodus then we push the panic button. (not really, call me first and we’ll work out what went wrong!)

      The engagement (as you mentioned) is what you really need to keep an eye on. And it’s the best gauge of how successfully your content is connecting with your audience. If you notice a drop in engagement usually its one or two posts for the week that spoiled the bunch. Go through your posts and work out which ones were the rotten apples and amend your content the next week with less of that content and more of the content that had high reach and engagement.
      Social is a moving beast and we’re constantly testing a measuring what gets the best cut through.

      Hope this helps Zoe!


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