Employment engagement: Are your people damaging your brand?

Employment engagement: Are your people damaging your brand?

This week we have something a little different. Our friends at Cooee have kindly provided some special guest content. And if it’s one thing these guys know and know well, it’s people! 

This week they’re challenging us to think outside the traditional thinking around brand and the people that represent your brand. 

Employment engagement: Are your people damaging your brand?


Every industry has its own employment challenges, including issues around wages, employee performance and retention, so how do you balance these whilst ensuring that your staff are happy? 

Whether you have one employee or 100 independent contractors, your people are your greatest asset. Remember that having happy staff leads to happy customers, which in turn contributes to happy shareholders. 

From a marketing and branding perspective, employee engagement is vital. Particularly if you have staff in client-facing roles, your staff are advocates for your business. You want to ensure they represent you in the best possible light.

Here are three tips from Cooee to improve engagement:


  1. Boost staff satisfaction by providing opportunities for progression. Build their skills base and provide incentives to demonstrate initiative. You can address individual goals through training agreements, learning and development plans, increases in remuneration and review of employee roles. Research shows that staff are more satisfied in a role that challenges them and enables them to do the job their way.

  3. Keep it balanced! Organisations that promote work-life balance reduce staff burnout, eliminate unnecessary overtime and minimise turnover related costs. By offering more flexibility in hours of work and/or options to work from home, staff are more likely to show job satisfaction, which is key for your branding.

  5.  Finally, use your workplace policy handbook. An effective company culture is created when the attitudes and values of employees are aligned with their employer with established clear and articulated expectations across the business. Implementing and communicating these policies is the most effective way to maintain an enjoyable work environment. Contrary to popular belief, this does not result in a ‘lack of fun’, rather, a means of open communication around company culture and

If you need help with any of the above tips, contact Cooee for a free consultation.


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