Creating killer marketing messages that work

Creating killer marketing messages that work

With attention spans waning and strong competition, clear and concise marketing messages are needed to cut through the noise and spark interest in the mind of your customers.

A well-crafted marketing message highlights your unique benefits, talks directly to your audience and tells them how you can solve their problem and why they should trust you.


Let’s talk: forming a killer marketing message

Your marketing message should “speak” to your audience by appealing directly to their triggers to buy or pain points.


Answer your customer’s WHY

Think about why your customers use you. What benefit do you bring? Why do they seek out your product or service?

Now review your marketing strategy. Have you included this benefit-led message?


What’s stopping your customers?

Roadblocks to purchase happen all the time. The good news is roadblocks can be turned into clearways, with a bit of strategic thinking. As common reasons to not purchase your product or service start to float to the top, you can use these insights to craft clever messages and break down barriers to purchase. Is there a negative perception in your industry around buying your product or service? Talk to your customers and your sales team to find out.


By knowing and understanding common objectives, you can create marketing messages that address these concerns for your buyers.


Talk to your audience in a language they can understand

Talk to your best customers and ask them to tell you what you do and why they use you over your competition.

Are there common themes or words in what they say? And are these words in your brand language? Try using their language in your marketing messages. People are more likely to engage, trust and buy from a brand that speaks their language.


Would you like to connect with your audience with clever marketing messages?

Let’s talk.



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