Creating a business name that sticks

Creating a business name that sticks

Got a slick service offering, a crowd-pleasing product or a brilliant business idea, but can’t find the right name?

It’s a problem that most start-ups come up against. The business name you select has brand, marketing, and online implications, so reaching a decision can be daunting. Your business name goes before you, so not only does it need to be memorable, but also it needs to tick a few boxes like work digitally for (among other things) SEO.

A business name that sticks

Run your name through these simple tests before you settle permanently.

Say it loud and proud

If you’ve thought of a name, say it aloud. You’ll be saying it at least 10 -20 times a day and listen to other people say it too. If it doesn’t sing – it’s not the right name. Tip: When I started The K.I.S.S Marketing Agency, I even pretended to answer the phone to see if it sounded as lovely as it did in written form.

Be specific

If you heard the name from someone at a networking event would you know what it is they did? Is it too generic? Too long-winded? Don’t try to be everything to everybody with your name. Be specific so people can identify what it is you do.

Don’t be a clever-clogs

A name you think is oh-so-clever may cause confusion for people searching you online. Potential customers for your new venture of “MarketersRU” shouldn’t be asking whether an “are” is an “r” or a “you” is a “u.” Don’t outsmart yourself.

Own it

Before you settle on a name and start the rest of the brand process, make sure it’s available. Check out ASIC for a simple business search, and then check if you can trademark it. If you cant own it, there’s no point running with it.

Lost in translation?

Thought of a new word? Check out how it translates in other languages. If your business wants to operate globally (and if you’re an online business – you’re global!), you need to make sure your name translates in other languages. Also, it pays to check out urban dictionary: this handy website has saved many a red face in the brand process!

Think big picture

Thinking beyond your simple start up idea and picture the business 5 -10 years down the track. The world is a start-up’s oyster so why not choose a name that could be eventually used as a verb, or lends itself to the creation of your own language?

Still stuck for ideas? We run naming and brand workshops to get you on track, let’s talk.

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