How to create a strong call to action. (Read now!)

How to create a strong call to action. (Read now!)

This week while working on the content strategy for an ecommerce site we were explaining to the web team the importance of call to actions.

A call to action by definition are words that urge the reader (or listener or viewer) of a promotion to take immediate action. When it comes to website call to actions words like “call now”, “enquire now” “contact us” or “subscribe” are all call to actions that urge users take action.

It’s clear then that all websites – regardless of whether they are an ecommerce site – should have a call to action. A direction you want people to take to complete the sale or equivalent.

Tips for creating a strong call to action

1. Develop a need
Before a user is willing to complete a call to action they have to recognise the need to do so. Communicate the benefits of responding. What’s in it for them?

2. Sweeten the deal
Sometimes you need to encourage users to complete a call to action. Incentives can include discounts, entry into a competition or free gift.

3. Don’t spoil for choice
Be focused in your calls to action. Too many and the user becomes confused. By limiting the number of choices a user has to make you reduce the amount of effort required.

4. Get active and urgent
A call to action should clearly tell users what you want them to do. They should include active words such as:

  • Call
  • Buy
  • Register
  • Subscribe

To create a sense of urgency and a need to act immediately, these words can be used with:

  • Offer expires December 31
  • For a limited time only

Take a look at your website. Do you tell your users what you want them to do? Enquire? Subscribe? An effective call to action can generate real measurable return – which is the point of a website right?

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