Coronavirus and #ToiletGate: How brands respond to a crisis

Coronavirus and #ToiletGate: How brands respond to a crisis

As Coronavirus spreads across the globe and Australians react by purchasing toilet paper in bulk, we at The K.I.S.S Marketing Agency have turned to brands to see how they react in the face of a crisis.

Almost every Aussie brand with a sense of humour has responded with a meme, however, some have taken a more serious approach whilst others have taken it a step further, with some very clever marketing. 

Here is a roundup of how brands have responded:

Local Aussie Winery – Free TP if you buy a case of wine, now how can you not take up that offer?

Image source: Taste.com.au

Titos Vodka – Reminds everyone that vodka, is not in fact, hand sanitiser. Whilst enough alcohol to kill nerves, it is not enough to kill germs. 

Image source: Twitter

Twitter – Instructs employees to work from home amid coronavirus fears showing the world it cares about the health and wellbeing of its staff.

Corona Beer – Sometimes silence says more than words. The best possible response to the Coronavirus meme outbreak.

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